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{when i’m

                  dreaming we don’t

                                                  seem as

                                                                                        f a r  }

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     Ed hadn’t thought any non-Ishvalan under sixty had white hair. Especially not healthy-looking white hair. 

        What kind of shampoo did he use?

     It was a coincidence—or, rather, an accident—they’d met at all. It was a warm Tuesday afternoon and Central’s main train station was packed full of people. They were all bustling about every which way, so he really should’ve watched where he was going, even if he was in a hurry. Then maybe he wouldn’t have crashed into someone.


               ”Are you all right?”

          “…Just fine, thanks.”

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royed is less of a ship name and more of a comeback roy would probably use during a battle with a major antagonist like “lol you just got ROYED haha nerd” as he snaps his fingers and walks away

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let it gooo, let it goooooo